I’ve created new website for mobile phones- www.nextmobi.net

After more than 6 months of work I  officially launched nextmobi.net and mobile version is available on m.nextmobi.net.


It’is created in PHP scripting language and I used Cibonfire which is based on Codeigniter as development platform. It’s fairly new but I have no regrets by choosing this platform.  Development time most certainly would be longer if I choose to use Codeigniter without cool features of Cibonfire and it’s documentation.  There are many things which aren’t finished yet but I felt that it’s now the time to show the world my new website.


I don’t have grand ambitions (maybe I should have?) and I don’t want to be direct competitor of GSMArena or one of the other big names in this industry but I hope to get small part of the cake by providing some unique features.

Programming is fairly small part of success and I hope to have rich content and large community so big part of it is marketing.

What’s next for http://www.nextMobi.net?

Of course more visitors are needed to make website more alive. I will work on social networks and will further investigate techniques how to engage visitors and how to keep them coming back to NextMobi. I’ve added Kissinsights for some parts of website and I thinking of using Hellobar. I will also be working on better integration of social networks. If I have more interesting ideas I will post them here 🙂

So don’t be shy and  visit www.nextmobi.net and post what do You think about it 😉


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