Backup solutions for LAMP stack and more

This is how I backup my data

rsync– for general purpose files which are not versioned by VCS.

If You need to backup data which can be easily compressed You can save precious bandwidth and time! Use –compress flag to compress files before sending to backup location. You can use –skip-compress flag to not to compress specific formats which are already compressed so You’ll also save CPU resources and even more time:

--compress --skip-compress=3gp,mkv...

Only consider archiving files if Your backup storage is limited.

lftp – if target backup storage has only FTP access

Example for mirroring local directory to remote ftp server

echo "mirror -Rv /home/chroot/my_website/upload ." | lftp username:password@ftp_Host:/backups/my_website/upload

This will copy contents of /home/chroot/my_website/upload to ftp_Host:/backups/my_website/upload
Only new and modified files will be copied each time this command will be ran.

for more info just run:

man lftp

sqlyog sja– backups for MySQL/MariaDB database

This command-line tool could be ran in both Linux and Windows and can be downloaded here: For Windows You’ll need to download Sqlyog MySQL GUI (which is my favourite MySQL database management software) and sja.exe will be located in directory where SQLyog is installed.


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