Diving into Android development…

First impressions:

  • Programming in Java is not that hard.
  • Documentation could be better
  • It helps a lot if You have real Android device because Android emulator performance sucks
  • There are still many possibilities to create awesome apps

Update on 24th of September:

I haven’t done anything Android related since April but I am intrigued by new Android studio because I’ve never been big fan of Eclipse (it’s not that bad but also not for me).

Some of my ideas for Android apps

  • Better birthday and nameday (it is more actual as local app in Latvia) apps. I want semi-transparent nameday widget but there isn’t any
  • There are still room for new weather apps- especially localized. I prefer if such info could be in my native language
  • There are too few media players out there and free music and video players lack even basic features
  • Create all sorts of card games. There are too few out there

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